Thirty poems in thirty days: DAY 9


This is for the ones that the world hasn't broken
Who go through life with the vigor of five-year-olds
and the wisdom of grandmothers.

Those who chase the winds of change
and refuse to wade through rivers of regret
because looking back on the past with nothing but fondness
is not forgetting that fighting spirits are forged in flames.

This is for those who refuse to believe that their dreams cannot be achieved
Who stand at the peak of mountaintops shouting we can succeed
For those who see the need to bleed every once in a while
Because pain only makes the day seem brighter when you eventually smile

For the child who sits at the back of the class bursting with schemes and daydreams
Who scales trees and splashes in small streams while his peers play shoot-em-ups on flat-screen TVs
For the mother who packs her kids love to eat

Are the ones that the world has yet to break
So align yourselves with them for yourself's sake
For when the floods come and foundations of earth shake
These are the guardians that humanity will choose to wake.

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