Thirty poems in thirty days: DAY 26


When the stars align perfectly
there is a dark spot you can see
just to the right of Orion's belt
holding up the pants of the galaxy
it's a spot that speaks volumes of the moon's
stubborn desire to stay in darkness
when the clouds stroll by
on their midnight patrol
eerie goblin bats that flap across the night sky
are simply a sign of what's to come
as shadows move swiftly across the frozen plain
the skies crack open and release rain
as if the heavens themselves are already crying in anticipation
of all the pain
that will occur the next day
come with all their claws extended
screams suspended
they strike with all the quickness of a cobra snake
with all the violence of a sandstorm and the strength of an earthquake

our fortress falls
it always does
as the twilight horizon breaks into dawn
sunlight is not the only thing that cracks into this embattled scene
my dreams
are simply reality
Because for me
defeat occurred long before
swords fell our brothers
and knives slayed our mothers
long before our sisters were taken to be slaves
and our children spent their days digging mass graves

When Orion's belt finally falls
it will bring the pants of the universe down with it
and as the skies fails
so will the final soldier's fighting spirit

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