Links that save my life on a daily basis: Installment 5


Because every time I get caught up on The Office, they make another episode.  I mean, wtf is that.


Things learned on October 29, 2011

Doing something for somebody else for the sake of doing it is what rewards you.  Doing something for somebody else so they know you did it is about as unrewarding as not doing it.

Moral: if your intentions are pure, your pleasure will be pure.  If your intentions are tainted, your pleasure will be too.


Things learned on October 23, 2011

Once you get to 10, you want to get to 20.  Once you get to 20, you figure, "Meh, let's go for 30."  Once you reach 30, you decide to go for 50.  Once you reach 50, things are getting serious and you aim for 75.  Once you get to 75, things are just flowing and you knock down 25 more like they're layups.

Now imagine doing that twice a day, from five spots on the floor, and I think I've got an idea of what separates professional basketball players from the scrubs.

Moral of the story: anything you want to achieve in life comes slowly and painfully.  In the end, you'll figure out if "the juice was worth the squeeze."


Things I appreciate about you: Installment 5

I believe that while we are balanced, the universe has also done a pretty bang-up job of equipping us all with the right amount of shit to get through whatever our respective lives throw our way.  It is not fair for us to say that the street kid who was abused by his step-father and turned to drugs to escape has had a harder life than we have, nor is it fair for us to look down on the kid fed from a silver spoon who has never worked an honest day in his life.  We are all created to handle our own problems, whether they be big or small.  You were built to handle this.  I was built to handle that.  The universe has no favourites and can be quite the fickle bitch sometimes, but reality is, she is also fair.  On paper, it doesn't seem like the same battle, but in God's eyes, it is.  Not once ever have I felt sorry for you because of your situation; I know that's not what you want, and I know that's not what God intended.  Instead, by sharing your story with me you have inspired me to face the obstacles in my life with renewed vigor, and for that, I thank you.  I only hope I can be the same source of inspiration for you.


Links that save my life on a daily basis: Installment 4


Another street style blog, this one recently started by my good friend Priscilla Ma.  She focuses on Montreal currently, but will soon be taking her game to Vancouver as well.  Show her love!


Links that save my life on a daily basis: Installment 3


Because sometimes, even though I subscribe to the 'homeless bum' look, it's nice to look at nice-looking people.


Current Musical Gold: Installment 25

"I like music. It defines life, love, and everything in between. I also happen to have an abnormally ridiculous amount of music in my possession, most of which I listen to very very rarely because I have a tendency to overplay. As in, overkill. As in, when I'm feeling a song I will play that tuneage over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again until I am either sick of it, or it is inducted into my special itunes playlist simply titled LEGENDARY. Many songs have come and gone; only the chosen few have made it to LEGENDARY status. Every so often, because I like to share music that is good, I will post the tracks that I am feeling at the moment - the ones that are on trial to make it to LEGENDARY. Hopefully in this manner, you, my readers, will be able to expose yourself to a broader variety of good music. And who knows - maybe it'll even make your LEGENDARY."


Current Musical Gold: Installment 25 (in no particular order)
1. If I Had a Boat - James Vincent McMorrow
2. The Beast - Angus and Julia Stone
3. Lights Please - J. Cole
4. What Love Really Means - JJ Heller
5. Last to Speak - Allen Stone
7. Last Way Out Of Here - Paloalto
8. Words Remain - Josh Garrels
9. The Show - Lenka
10. Ooh Ooh - Daniel Wesley

Mixing it up, as per usual.  Happy Friday, friends.