Thirty poems in thirty days: DAY 17


It is an education that is merely necessary
even when I learn more reading the writing on the hidden walls of bathroom stalls
still these hallowed halls
are where society deems it needed for me to be
is nothing more than a culmination of lessons
lectures and labs taking place in the classroom that is this world

It is the essence of all that embodies education
taught by experience and harnessed by evolution
of mind
and body and soul
God told light to make a damned appearance for once in its life
so for once in its life, light did.
And from light did life spring forth into being
seeing beauty in the way that the rocks bloomed up from dirt patches of grass and bamboo shoots
while creatures shot up from the land like furry flowers and scaly stalks of forgetmenots
and man walked among beast and boulder
to shoulder creation's burden in taking on the care-taking of such magnificent manifestations
is lesson one. Biology.

Lesson two came in the form of nation
notions of nations and nationalistic sentiments
drove nations against nations and brothers against brothers
while mothers screaming and pleading were dragged dirty and bleeding
onto the streets
where blood stained the gold walkways of civilization's greatest achievements
and in all their righteous knowledge
man felt compelled to quell rebellions and sell their souls in exchange for more creation
is lesson two. History.

And from history sprang up a generation of poets who passed on their past with perfect verbal proficiency
to speak prophecies and
pose prose so potent that tribal chieftains would gather to smoke it
they were
the elected storytellers
divinely gifted planet dwellers
developing didactic knowledge
that dropped down through generations
like genetic mutations
is lesson three. Linguistics.

And from the well of man's words did wisdom turn to waste
and in all haste
all men sought to become the wisest of God's creation
sought to become gods amongst gods in concrete jubilation
while God watched from below in resigned desolation
a hunter of weak and a vulture when placed into the wrong hands
became the idol for all the idle men who achieved immortality
by talking circles around circles and debating over the state of nations
while life passed slowly by eating an apple
not bothering to let those wise men know that true enlightenment comes from the lives you have led
not the talking of heads
is lesson four. Philosophy.

(to be continued...)


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