Thirty poems in thirty days: DAY 18


a continuation from 17/30...

And from the seeds of great minds did
mines appear
digging into the earth searching for things of worth
worth more than the lives that were sacrificed for
as young boys and sick men spent their days in the
stomach of the earth's core
breathing in anything but air and finding everything
but gold
and gold, was paid to buy trees
to make wood
to travel overseas
to fledgling countries more than willing to offer their prophets for profit
and values, for value
meek souls crushed beneath the feet of corporations and petrol stations
is lesson five. Economics.

Taking the earth's resources for granted was as concrete
as overlooking humanity's own mother
and so in disgust Father Time
sent down winds of change so violent
that centuries were tossed into unbeing
and decades into existence
for once
the earth was well
and humanity shamed for all the sins committed in its very name
until the masses spoke out against corruption and evil
rampant among the people
from the witch doctor's mud hut to the Christian cathedral steeple
no longer did God rule over the land as water washed over the sands
race took power into its hands and
banished Creation in favour of self-determination
and the eternal quest for ethereal manifestation
of spirit, mind, and soul
is lesson six. Religion.

(to be continued...)

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