Thirty poems in thirty days: DAY 15


There is truth in her eyes
Even when her eyes are crying tears of pain you can see honesty leaking from the sides
her eyes
carry with them the weight of a world awash in wickedness
But she sees no mess, only beauty
no bad shit from people going batshit for inconsequential things
like cars and diamond rings
She sees the openness of a child's smile and wonders why
adult teeth so rarely treat themselves to a day in the sun
she sees the glow of a young couple's laughter and wonders why
swinging singles feel the need to succeed as one
she sees the sacrifice that soldier fathers offer to their courageous sons and daughters
and wonders why
the only thing most people do is run
from their fears
so in her tears
she carries pain and passion, truth and a penchant
to see passive people pick up their pens and chart courses for new and different lands
can't you see her?
is on the face of every child who has ever dared to imagine that Never Neverland is but a fairy's dust flight away
She's in the narrow path of the young high school graduate who has not been led astray
She's in the faces and names, the places and games, of the everyday everybodies who find grace unashamed in something as simple as stopping to smell the sweet scent of freshly fallen raindrops on rose petals
is you
and you
is me
and we
are us
and in us
there is nothing but truth
and everlasting beauty
so fly free
for the collective is nothing more than a worldwide family
of dreamers and hopers and shakers and lovers and she
that woman who carries in her eyes the truth of a thousand worlds
She inhabits just this one
and urges onlookers daily to exhibit truth in their eyes and search out falcons in flight
for so as the hunting bird soars, does the eye truly achieve its sight.

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