Thirty poems in thirty days: DAY 19


a continuation from 18/30...

all these lessons did mankind subject himself to find
to acquiesce reason with fact in the recesses of his mind
and through the annals of centuries
these sagas have stood the test of time
on rocks made of sand made of rocks made of sand
they are mine
and yours
opening destiny's double doors are the
teachings of the past
and the discoveries of the greats that have last
ed generations
as all nations under the sun flock to find out for themselves what knowledge is
as all nations under the sun wage wars from red lines to find out what power is
as all nations under the sun put pen to pages and voices on soapbox stages to find out what truth is
this is
the education of a race still young
a race brash with the fact that it owns the earth it treads upon
so shine like the sun
we tell our sons
and flow like the water
we tell our daughters
not realizing that earth is a mother, and time is a father
and in order to father and mother the seeds of a generation that will affect change
our lessons will need to be shorter
strike harder
and sit longer
reinvent ourselves
and let textbooks wallow in dust on our bookshelves because this education is greater than lesson plans and lecture halls
it goes back to the back pocket poetry I read scrawled on the forgotten walls of bathroom stalls
is lesson one.

And we've only just begun.