Thirty poems in thirty days: DAY 6


For glass ceilings to shatter
We must first find the way
to fulfillment
through other forms of validation like
a compliment
Or even the loose facade of friendship
presented in a friend request on facebook
because even though you'll probably never become actual friends
the fact remains that at one point
somebody considered you important enough to want to see your status
If only to see the poet's inspirational abilities alive in an update
I dared to create from my dreams

Manifesting reality from the creative recesses of my mind
And though I'm rarely shook awake or lulled to deeper slumber
by the vividness of my nocturnal wandering
Still I was shocked to see that the products of my sleep
Had produced a picture so divine
that even the glass ceiling could not contain its shine

See, no roof can restrain the sheer will of a people to attain
No repression can it muster that is strong enough to oppress the protesters
No ownership can it obtain over the rising rabble's will to rebel
See rebellion
Falls flat on its face with no aim and no direction
But thrives in the guise of revolution
Always aim to achieve more than you could have even possibly dared to dream
Never deflect your goals unless you are a goalie
Always raise others up in the eyes of you for it is they who make you strong
And it is they who help the we stand sure all along
So for the sake of a revolution song
Rise up
And shout with heart and feeling
A voice to send the evil ones reeling
We the blessed will continue our quest
To achieve the undared and to become our best
Your walls fall
For tonight, the infinite sky is our ceiling
And glass has been blown by humanity's breath
into unbeing.

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