Thirty poems in thirty days: DAY 16


Even when mountains seem too high to scale
Simply follow the light sent by those who have blazed trails
those who have gone before us are the forgotten greats
they who never aspired to achieve society's views of victory
but instead sought to succeed in the unlikeliest of places
and with the unlikeliest of deeds
these warriors of the daily struggle are our mentors
from their peak they are willing to teach us all that they've learned
and all that they know but
we say no
No thanks, we know all we need to know
So we'll climb
and we'll climb with the might of a million muscles all flexing in the same direction
and the determination of drunkards to reach the next tavern but
even the strongest of us were meant to fall
even the smartest of us were meant to stall
even the stoic among us were meant to bawl
so on the day failure met us all at the base of the mountain to do battle
and in the waning light of a rapidly setting sun we suffered defeat after defeat
after defeat
after defeat
death is inevitable
and life
is insufferable
but those who fight for love and believe in faith itself will rise up in flames
and the generals among them shall reclaim their names
Names like

Martin Luther King Jr.
Harriet Tubman
Mahatma Gandhi
Rosa Parks
Che Guevara
Malcolm X
Bob Marley
Mother Teresa
Joan of Arc
and more.

And on the day these legends rise from the ground to sound the call for a new revolution
the world as currently constructed will quake
and its rulers will tremble as they seek to escape
the inevitable destruction that will follow
for too long have the ancients tolerated the evil ways of mad men
destined to drive the earth into even more restless states of hatred and greed
but fear not
For the long promised end of oppression is drawing near
and now the fiercest of God's earthly angels
are finally here.

And to those who have blazed trails and lit lamps to light our way

we salute you.

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