In Harlem

This is why I do what I do.

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Things learned from May 15, 2010

$60 for a quarter. Reasonable.
25 cents for 60? Not so much. For the seller, that is.

Intrigue and Inspiration

Not sure what to think of this.


Summer 2010: The Stressed Out Chronicles

So I've realized that the absolute mind-numbing, spirit-breaking stress that was third year is not over because it is summer; if anything, it is back stronger than ever after that brief two-week hiatus from exams and ANYTHING. Work is work, but now work is three jobs, a ridiculous summer course, and not enough time nor company to do anything worth doing. I'll make some money, yes. Earn some credits, yes. But whoever said that all they were waiting for was the summer (FYI, that was me,) was sorely mistaken - summer 2010 will be the equivalent of a menstruating 16-year-old girl*.

*a bitch

I wish I still trusted in God. He was good at getting me through this kind of stuff.


Things learned from May 6, 2010

"Sometimes you just have to live and not worry about the consequences. When people worry about the consequences, they end up living in boarded up houses with lots of cats." - J.P.




Check out miscues and concords by the sometimes inspired, always fashionable Edjuardo Phong. It don't look like much, but dude is a philosophyzer. You just gotta listen.