Thirty poems in thirty days: DAY 28


for those who make it through life's biggest game


Her intentions were as clear as a mid-february snowstorm
a flurry of good ideas and finally, some half-decent conversations
I found confusion in her eyes
hesitation in her smile
and while sparks fly when game meets game
sometimes folks with no game end up having a grand old time
and it still remembers
memories of watermelon and talking to God
recollections of log cabins and a penchant for awkward situations
made worse by the fact that hyenas always stood gamely by
waiting to play too
and so we waited
not realizing that life comes far too quickly
for game to take its time
that's when I realized
that life had finally caught up with me
eight years later than most
it's a bit of a joke
a bit of a ghost
but still I see her
haunting the enlightened hallways of my mind
like a legend of the past come forward in time
and to her
have my documents constructed a shrine
to worship the idea of game.

so for love of the game,
I will play.
Continue to play life until the day it rubs me out
on the concrete curb that is death
and with my last breath
I'll say
that at least I tried.
At least I tried.
but love requires more than a try
is what my minefield mind will muster to realize
I finally die.


  1. Just wanted to let you know you're writing is incredible. I came across a video on youtube of your poem "I'm sorry, I'm a christian" and I was in awe. You have quite the gift.

  2. ps. you should check out my blog if you have time http://melissamscott.tumblr.com/.

  3. Thanks for commenting. Your blog is dope!