Thirty poems in thirty days: DAY 13


It is not for love that the crazy man spits in the face of strangers
It is not for truth that the high school drop out finds solace in the dregs of his father's forgotten forty
It is not for peace that young urban cats strap up and head downtown, shooting up and getting locked down
It is not for hope that the weary worker buys himself another round
That the deaf man hears nothing but sound
That the fox runs far from the bloodhound
But leads his hunter into a fast trap that he's dug in the ground
It is for reality.
Reality that life will always be but a fleeting story or a distant memory
We who attempt to lead fairy tale lives with story book endings
failing to see that the bad guy wins
every time.
And you don't ever get Megan Fox or Brad Pitt in this movie, no.
And so it goes.
Reality bites hard when fantasy fools you into falling for her
And it pulls no punches when you become enthralled in the jargon of dreamers
It hurts, and it hits
and it hurts
and it hits
and it hurts
and it hits
but truth is
Fantasy and dreams are the only thing keeping this planet together
So whatever come, be it high or stormy weather
through the toughest trials and worst endeavours
Be the first to never ever
give in
to reality.

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