Thirty poems in thirty days: DAY 27


listen child
they will try and keep you down
try to molest you, protest you
reject your worth and call your ideas worthless
snakes disguised as men come
their lies blatant in their eyes and on their forked tongues
hoping to corrupt our daughters and sons
listen child
the day is coming when your dreams will need to be spoken
to be achieved
and achieved to realize peace
and pieces of peace will go to us and ours,
and them and theirs
till earth unites with the broken bits of lost hope and the shimmering of anticipation and excitement
they call it.
But I would rather enjoy cold toast inside than nothing outside
listen child
love will one day come.
you need to run
past fears of oppression and suicidal tendencies
we tend to see them
in a different. light. yesh, su...

this is the song humanity will sing when the youth grow up without the will to aspire
when soldiers for the cause lose their urge to fight and surrender their fire
this is as it is because it is intended.

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