Thirty poems in thirty days: DAY 11


There is hope in the waning light of the death of day
when the light of day retires for moon's glow to come out and play
they say
the day
is for heros and honest men
and the night is for villains
and if that be the case then I
lend my fight to the bad guys
make sure no white spies
see the glint in these brown eyes
wanted to fight the good fight for the good side
but was mighty slighted when they told me
my skin and hair was of the enemy
in God's army the captains know no colour
no melanin-infused hue do they keep in mind
just the skill of art and will of heart
I guess you could call them
so hate on, haters
for the only one I answer to is the divine Creator
who has fixed wings of gold to my back
so I might attack with the mindset of a wolf pack
imagine that
the day when you turn to face your slaves
only to find a rebel army waiting in the wings
with a hundred thousand voices strong to sing:

This is a call to arms
Gather soldiers
Time to go to war
This is a battle song
Brothers and sisters
Time to go to war.

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