Happy belated birthday to corruption. Here's to another year of misrepresenting what could be the greatest nation in the world. For now though, the misguided materialists of the first world (including yours truly) are getting what they want in the Great White North, so why should we disturb shit when we have ipods and rock sick kicks?

My mind is blown on a daily basis
As generations of the basest of nations
wade in hatred while the grandest of first world governments
stand by in complacence

Yet before we can turn our divided attentions to the screams
of the third world that repeat in our dreams
there are problems that perpetuate themselves in the places
in which we pass by, and the problems sit there
observed but unacknowledged
like wedding dress mannequins in overpriced bridal stores

We wait and wade these days
through world war-zones of wickedness
wasting our work and breath on things made of dust
while in our neighbourhoods
children thieve to feed their younger siblings
while single mothers work three jobs to pay for rent and diapers
In our neighbourhoods, where hypocritical Christians
notch conversions on their belts like serial rapists notch sexual conquests on their bedposts

Our world is dying
yet amidst all the crying and suffering is our
ever ready desire to forget about our bigger family

Being apathetic is a pathetic way to be
so for me
I try to make sense of this senseless mess
and the way we as humanity approach it with complacence

And it continues to blow my mind on a daily basis.

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