Boxscore from July 5, 2010

93-80 for Kobe's Jock (W)

Name of the game: Beautiful European basketball

6-7 from the line
18 points
4 rebounds
8 assists
4 steals
2 blocks
2 turnovers

Newsflash: Tonight was literally THE most fun I have had playing basketball in a looooong time. It was just... it was beautiful basketball, plain and simple. Good ball movement, little to no selfish play, and a few highlight reel dunks (not from me, obviously.)

Also, getting more and more anxious for Bosh to just peace and let the Raptors rebuild in peace. I still hope Coleangelo gets something for him, but at this point, Bosh has alienated the TO fanbase more within the past few weeks than he did for the first seven years he spent with the team. Sad.

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  1. I know this comment has nothing to do with this post in particuar. But, I have recenly come across your poetry via youtube, and I am a huge fan. Thanks, for sharing your gift.

    Chris Ledgerwood