Boxscore from July 26, 2010

77-74 for Kobe's Jock (W)

Name of the game: shades of grade 9

5-8 from the line
15 points
5 rebounds
8 assists
4 turnovers

Recap: Tonight we played an older team, which is always a huge boon to me since my game is primarily composed of out-athlete-ing the other team, which isn't always an effective strategy against teams of similarly-aged individuals. No matter though, because tonight I (or most of my teammates, for that matter) really had no problems getting past our checks to wreak havoc inside, either by scoring or by finding open teammates. That being said, I think I realize more than ever that I need to slow down in fast-paced games because my handle is just not good enough to be crossing up folks in transition. Give me a half-court to work with and I can something happen, but attempting quick handles in quick games for Chris Tse = fail. Though I did break one set of ankles tonight... absolutely DROPPED the guy on a right to left before diming our SG for the layup. Was so pleased with myself.

Missing the summer runs at RCS, Carver, Como and Thompson Park... Asians are just so much easier to bully physically.