Boxscore from July 12, 2010

75-73 for Kobe's Jock (W)

Name of the game: Posting up

1-1 from the line
13 points
2 rebounds
9 assists
1 steal
4 turnovers

Recap: Wow... I think I now know how dominant LA feels when they roll out Gasol, Bynum, and Odom. We literally BEASTED on the other team tonight in the post - they had nobody over 6'4. It was magical. Throw in the fact that our big men can run, and there you have the reason three of our perimeter players posted 6+ dimes. BEAUTIFUL.

In other news, Miami will only be good if they can get a shooter and a decent ball-handler. Having Lebron AND Wade negates the need for a true point guard because of their playmaking ability, but you still need someone who can carry it up the floor and hit the open shot. I'd like the Heat to grab Shaun Livingston, who seems to have been bumped out of the Wiz rotation with Wall being drafted... Livingston (still my favorite player, btw) showed last season with the Wiz that he's over his knee obliteration and more than able to contribute again. If the Heat DO succeed in signing Mike Miller... that's game over.