Urbana Day 4 - I'm a better Christian than you cont.

The solidarity meal was hardly a meal of solidarity... it was more appealing than half the stuff I eat normally.

That being said, it DID offer sufficient energy for the night session, which was great. The worship team was firing on all cylinders, leading us in another fantastic mixture of multicultural worship... it's really starting to grow on me. Sunder Krishnan from Rexdale Alliance in Toronto was the main speaker, and... wow. When I go to conferences, it is never to LEARN things. I go to be inspired, to be encouraged, and to be reminded - not to be taught. But tonight, Krishnan TAUGHT me things about prayer that have never even crossed my mind. It was excellent.

Family group had some odd moments (mostly when I corrected myself on the morality of my OWN joke while everyone else was laughing, leading to an awkward silence,) but it was, as usual, a great time of fellowship. We ended up playing Blitz for an hour or so, and I can safely say that Kristen and I make up possibly THE best Dutch Duo ever in the history of the game. True story.

Last day of conference (and 2009) tomorrow... hard to believe it's ending so quickly. As usual, pray for open minds and open hearts. I've got a feeling (that tonight's gonna be a good night) that tomorrow's gonna be a solid, uplifting day.

Dear God, bless the lady in her work but please... let her love.

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