Life Updates: Entry 3

Thoughts on life:
1. This is the warmest fall that Ottawa has EVER had.
2. I am in the library for the 12th consecutive day in a row.
3. It's been four months and I still think about those dang ICON children everyday.
4. I am staring at a large coffee, a powerade, and a full nalgene. Which do I conquer first...
5. Journalism pub night went well yesterday. Fun times with those silly kids.
6. Ugly sweater party props to Jesse and Laura for their disgusting outfits. Well done, girls.
7. Gilbert Arenas needs to step his game up.
8. Three weeks post-op. Not sure how I'm supposed to feel yet, but I'm off crutches and canes.
9. The Blind Side was an excellent movie.
10. New Moon was not.


  1. 3 weeks and no more crutches! good stuff man.

    did the docs sport you in a robo-boot?

  2. you watched New Moon? wow, you beat me to it.

  3. the blind side.
    did we discuss this already?
    so good.
    so FUNNY.
    so encouraging.