Urbana Day 1 - Hello America

The name of the game in the United States is size. Size matters... it doesn't matter what you do with it, it's the size that counts. I think I realized that yesterday when I ordered a medium coke and got a Canadian extra large, and then drove the perimeter of the SeaTac airport twice looking for the Northwest Airline departure gate. To put things into perspective, Vancouver, Canada's third largest metropolis and arguably its second most important city, has more people than Seattle, one of America's smaller cities, and yet the entire YVR could fit into SeaTac's Park-N-Ride.

Anyway, after half a day spent in SeaTac and Minneapolis/St.Paul's and crammed into small airplanes with cranky American tourists, Gerr and I made it to St. Louis and subsequently,

It's one thing to attend a Lions game alongside thousands of other screaming, orange-clad football fans; it's an entirely different thing to fill Edward Jones Stadium, home of the St. Louis Rams, with 17,000+ university students from all over the world, descended upon the American Midwest for five days to learn how to take Jesus and love back to their campuses, communities, and countries.

So far, it's been less than exceptional for me, though I can confidently state that the lack of food and sleep within the past 30 hours have contributed to my near-dead state. Tomorrow promises to be a great day - I'm already excited for Ten Ways to Prepare for Life Alongside the Poor and Righting a Human Wrong: Your Role in Stopping Child Slavery. But to make the most of it, I think I should at least be coherent so... peace for now.

Dear God, work please. Thanksbye.

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