Urbana Day 2 - Slow Down, God

Ok, so today was a little bit great, and as such, this post may be a little bit great. Sorry in advance.

Breakfast was fantastic, and offered a foreshadowing of the day... which was fantastic. The workshops I attended ended up being Ten Ways to Prepare for Life Alongside the Poor and Evangelism Asian American Style. I will list the great things about them:

Ten Ways to Prepare for Life Alongside the Poor
  • learn, love, and learn to love the tenets of Micah 6:8
  • split M6:8 into three currents: justice, mercy, and walking humbly with God
  • justice is the prophetic current (knowledge)
    - KNOW what you're talking about; if you're passionate, you will be passionate to learn
    - find a hero (someone to encourage and inspire you)
  • mercy is the missionary current (action)
    - find passionate friends, do something
    - be radically personal (LOVE people until you can't love anymore)
  • walking humbly with God is the contemplative current (meditation)
    - learn to listen to God about who you are
    - learn to be alone; it is more important than we know
Evangelism Asian American Style
  • I didn't learn anything new, but this seminar reaffirmed certain things in my mind:
    - I sometimes hate my culture
    - I usually hate my culture's approach to Christianity
    - there is SO much potential in the Asian church community
    - I need to get off my high horse and realize that just because my dad isn't a doctor and I don't drive a nice car doesn't mean I am morally above those who are financially and socially above me
Mostly though, the great part of the night was the night session. I can't say enough, but to sum up: African worship, human-trafficking, OMF interview, tears and shouts from us, the blessed, and breaking of hearts.

Our family group discussion (think nightly small group) was amazing, and is in fact still going on between three of them on Gerrit's bed as I type. There is so much to take in, so much to reflect upon, and so much to debate that I can't even wrap my head around it. We've been arguing back and forth about the calling: are we called to CARE about everything? Because if so, that is a LOT of shit to care about. Cynicism and apathy abound in a society that promotes cynicism and develops apathy, and it has found its way deep into the faith. Can we ever truly be passionate about the world's hurt when there is SO much to be passionate about?

The Word says Jesus saves people from hell. But how about those going through hell right now?

Dear God, help us see the world through Your eyes. Goodnight.


  1. unformed thought: instead of debating, thinking, wondering, caring about WHETHER we should care about everything, what if we started simply caring about some things? the action portion of the knowledge and contemplation if you will.