The finality of friendship

I think I've finally realized something that has hounded me for a while. While the concept behind friendship is an ambiguous one, it's also one that I always thought I had a grasp on. These past few years, not so much. Indeed, it IS a complex (adj) complex (n) that warrants debate, analytical study, and reflection on its own. That being said, two things - at least for me in my journey - can now be deduced about friendship:

1. Friendships change.
2. Friendships last.

The knowledge of these two statements is unimportant; indeed, both are not only simple, but incredibly obvious facts. Where the significance of my epiphany lies is in the correlation between statements 1 and 2. That is, how do they, in context, apply to each other in order to produce deeper meaning? How can I analyze the relationship between both facts in such a way that will result in better understanding of said friendships?

The answer, as was the question and factors, is simple. Friendships change, but they last. A good friendship is one that changes but lasts through the test of time and change. A lasting friendship is one that has endured change and persevered.

A good friendship changes and lasts.

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  1. Hey Chris, don't know if you remember me but we met a couple years back at CCCWC Teens Program. We had some pretty sweet jamm sessions. Just found your stuff and what you've been doing these past years. This stuff is golden. Inspiring. Keep the beats rollin', make our Father proud.

    - the kid with the djembe