Toronto (soon to be Ghana) Updates: Episode 1

Hello fam, so the long-awaited countdown to departure for Ghana is almost down to the ng! (that's nitty-gritty, for all you abbreviation-illiterate types.) I'm currently in Toronto for four days of pre-departure training at the jhr head office before shipping out (flying, actually,) on Thursday.

Expect updates to be sparse for the next few weeks as I acclimatize myself to Ghana, the weather, my new job, the laundry-list of assignments that CIDA has bestowed upon me, and intermittent electricity. However, once I've settled in, expect frequent updates as apparently there is little else to do past 9pm other than read by headlamp or write things on your laptop. So yes, this summer will be THE summer that Chris Tse's blog makes a comeback of Chicago Blackhawks proportions (that is, return from the dead in a dramatic, convincing fashion that delights fans and shocks haters, only to tragically fall short of the collective goal in a hard-fought but ultimately futile battle against a tougher, more talented opponent. In the Blackhawks case, the Canucks. In my case, my knack forgoing old projects for new, sexier ones. Believe me, the blog won't be so enticing for me to write when it's the middle of June in Ghana, it's a balmy 35 degree evening and the last thing I want to do is transcribe my adventures onto paper [or screen, if you will.])

So, to recap:
- the next few weeks will hopefully receive an update every few days;
- the following few weeks will most likely receive a flurry of multiple daily updates;
- the following few weeks will most likely see a decline in activity to the point of nothingness;
- things will pick back up near the end of the internship when I realize I'm coming home and will be, in my excitement, inspired to update you all on the level of my excitement.

Anyways, here is where I'm staying at the moment.


It's quite lovely.

I'm going out for cheap pitchers at the pub down the street. Yeah, that one. That ONE pub on College Street in DOWNTOWN TORONTO. See you there, maybe?

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