Ghana Updates: Episode 2

Ok, so we've been in Accra for about a day after almost a full day of travel yesterday... if anyone ever tells you the Toronto to Brussels to Lome to Accra flight is nice and relaxing, they are bare-faced liars and should be shot.

On that note, I would love someone to shoot me with a watergun right now because I am about two seconds away from dying of heat exhaustion. Seriously, if anyone ever tells you that Ghana in May is not hot, they are bare-faced liars and should be shot.

On that note, I would muchly enjoy if somebody shot my dumb ass for losing my brand new BPA-free Nalgene bottle LESS THAN 24 HOURS after landing in Ghana, and with a full load of what the locals call "peer wata" (loosely translated to pure water,) in it too! Left it in a cab after getting too excited bargaining for a good price. Now I'm stuck with my old, trusty Nalgene that has been with me for years and is very much NOT BPA-free. New health concern for this summer: cancer.

I've got 11 minutes left on my time at this internet cafe in Osu neighbourhood, Accra. I think I will promo this on facebook, check my email, see how the Bulls are doing, and look up some fancy Ghanaian phrases to try out at dinner tonight.

Next update will most likely come from Kumasi, unless I manage to get here tomorrow. Be blessed, y'all.


  1. lol is the one you have left the nalgene i almost killed you with?

  2. So, Chris...
    Here's the story.
    I went to a workshop of yours at No Other Name this year on Good Friday.
    I found your poetry and your thoughts intriguing.
    I'm done exams, and have a lot of extra time on my hands now.
    I came across your blog.

    And here I've stayed, because I actually lived in Ghana for three years of my young life, because my dad works for CIDA and was posted there! Weird.
    I'll let you know: the long trip sucks, and Accra in May is disgusting. Kumasi will probably be hotter, but there won't be nasty city smog, so it's more of a dry heat. Cold showers will become your best friends.
    Volta water is the best-tasting bottled water. Ghanaian pineapple is the best. Plantain chips are delicious. Guinea fowl tastes a lot like chicken.

    I could say more, but I feel like this comment is already terribly large. I'm frankly just jealous that you're sweating in the good old Gold Coast and I'm not.

    Have fun with the internship :)

  3. @mel: no it's not. I burned that one like a stack of kindling as soon as we got back to Canada.

    @janelle: your comments are much appreciated. Keep checking back for Ghana updates and offering words of wisdom and experience in comment form. peace.