Life Updates: Entry 3

1. I am at Stauffer Library at Queen's. It is so much bigger, so much more high-tech, and so much less ghetto than Carleton's lib. And, there are actually students who study here. WHAT?
2. I am now 2.5 months post-op.
3. Tupac has carved a bigger space in my heart than previously occupied.
4. So unsure as to where this poetry thing is going to take me... winning slams only gets you so far.
5. CSTL & Smith remind me of snowboarding. I need RK to hurry up and HEAL.
6. I realize I appreciate my family far less than I should.
7. I realize I shouldn't ever have to realize something like that.
8. Budweiser encourages good conversations about God. Always.
9. Is it possible to love and live life to the fullest without faith in anything more? Loaded questions...
10. Ganglion cyst or... ? We will find out for sure tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Poetry takes you to... my heart... haha?
    Your Haiti poem made me tear up.