It's time for people to start making some changes

If I were serious about finding my own Calcutta, I would stop worrying about myself so much. It's tough, what with school and bills and SO MANY EFFING injuries, but life was never supposed to be easy, was it? Sometimes I wonder if I would've enjoyed eating fruit in the Garden of Eden... sounds mad boring to me, to be perfectly honest.

So in other news, I'm reading through "A Clockwork Orange" in 20th-Century Lit and it's honestly one of the most disturbing pieces of writing I've ever read. I also can't put it down, which scares me and tells me something about myself that I'm not sure I care to know.

Djordje, you don't know how much you destroyed my thumb last summer.

Je n'aime pas university politics... student council is just a bunch of Greeks who get votes from all their Greek friends. I wish that community could return to the TRUE meaning of fraternities and sororities. But no matter... my thumb hurts and that's all I care about right now.

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  1. I read a clockwork orange last semester. Alex is one interesting character. What's it going to be then, eh?