Things learned from January 5, 2010

Tonight as I sat in the Georgetown, witnessing the way that 22 young men held the collective attention of EVERYONE in that bar, I realized once more why I love this game, and more importantly, this country. With hearty cheers, violent swears, and much clanking of glasses, we celebrated every Canadian goal and booed every American one, all the while joining in the legendary camaraderie of which all Canadians partake whenever we watch our team play. Standing in line for the urinals while discussing the American tender's stance, literally shaking the roof when Eberle tied it up at five to send the game to overtime, and witnessing the absolute SILENCE when John Carlson won it for the U.S. three minutes into overtime... win or loss, I now remember why I once played the game with a passion that I reserve only for basketball now. And while I hold no qualms about my preferences, I take great pride in the knowledge that this country, no matter the outcome of any game, will always be home to the greatest sport on earth.

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