They Like Jesus But Not The Church - Some Thoughts

So I'm currently doing a second go-round of a really honest book by Dan Kimball entitled They Like Jesus But Not The Church. The thing that struck me most when I first picked up this book was, "Let's buy this."

So I bought it.

And subsequently read it.

And now I'm reading it again.

Here are my thoughts.

Part 1 - Why Emerging Generations Are Changing
  • I probably wouldn't like Christians if I weren't one
    I guess we should face facts, kids - Christians don't have a great rep nowadays. It's not the same as what it was even as recently as thirty years ago, when most North Americans grew up in the church and those outside the church still respected the institution's beliefs. Ministers and pastors were highly regarded as honest, upstanding, ethical authorities.

    Fast forward thirty years. To a period of time when young people are falling away from the church like never seen before. To a period of time when the emerging generation (Kimball uses this phrase alot to emcompass the 30 and under age bracket) has embraced a multi-faith, multi-cultural, do-your-own-thing North America. To a period of time when ministers and priests are being dragged to court in droves over charges of sexual abuse and fraud and other such extracurricular activities. To a period of time when the church is viewed as judgmental and negative, homophobic, politically-driven, arrogant, and oppressive towards women.

    Fast forward to a generation that has rejected the church, and with good reason. Because to some extent, all of the above is true.

    If I weren't a Christian, I probably wouldn't like us either.


  1. ooh we did that book and the video he has for sunday school. pretty interesting stuff i must say. gets u thinking.

  2. I wanted to say that not all Christians are like this... but I think that in today's world (meaning the western society), all the Christians have changed from years before.
    I wonder if we can even change and bring the church back ...
    I wonder if we're the ones who need missionaries from China to come to us ...

    Interesting things indeed.