And so it begins...

So this b-log has been a work in progress for over three years now. By work in progress, I mean that I've been intending to start it but you know how things go when you intend to start something... and then don't. That's what happened with this.

Anyhow, this post (and I guess by extension, this blog,) is for the following:
- Matthew Newton (themoreyoushowme.blogspot.com)
- Amy J Lai (amyjlai.blogspot.com)
- and some others.

I haven't yet decided whether or not I'll be putting certain things on here...
- book reviews, yes. Not books like Harry Potter or Chron Narn, though those are all excellent, but books that further me as a person. Not to say that Harry Potter and Chron Narn don't further me as a person, but I digress. Look for interesting anecdotes, bits that I found relevant to my life, and excerpts that I think the world (aka all three of you) should read.
- poetry, yes. Those of you who are important know that poetry plays a big part in my life. Not the written tradition of Dunn and Tennison, though those cats had mad talent for sure. Nah, not them. I'm talking about the oral tradition of spoken word, the ordinary brilliance of history's finest storytellers. Roots of hip-hop, street preacher, acapella art spoken word. That's the poetry that I'm down with, and if you know, then you'll understand. Look for accounts of my slam career, dope things I've picked up from other poets, and maybe some of my pieces that find themselves up here. By principle, I never post my poems, but rules are meant to be broken.
- life advice, no. I'm an eclectic person, physically obvious and mentally moreso once you get to know me. Subsequently, any sort of 'advice' I might have to offer through my words should always be taken with a shaker of salt, because ordinary people have no use for what I have to say. Or maybe what I have to say has no use for ordinary people. Either way, if I condone certain things on here, that is not a blessing. I am not God, though I like to think so sometimes.
- fitness tips, never. Though my career as a competitive athlete is most likely finito (barring a miraculous comeback from surgery,) I still take pleasure in sporting activities. However, the realization that I'm no longer an athletic Adonis sometimes dawns on me anew, in which case I tend to occasionally ramble on and on about how much I've regressed since my high school (read: glory) days. In those instances, try to be patient and realize where I'm coming from... I'm like a pirahnna swearing off meat and learning to enjoy vegetables - there are going to be some rough days.
- thoughts on life, always. As a journalist - or aspiring one - my tendency is to watch, observe, question, and conclude. I will think, overthink, and then think some more. It is both a blessing and a curse to have such an active mind because sometimes I realize just how stupid I really am. When that happens, be ready for some insanely profound yet meaningless garbage that will blow your mind and leave you wondering why you're friends with me. And then you'll realize that it's because I'm the way I am that you enjoy being my chum - for the exact same reason why we slow down to check out bad car crashes, or why we watch the Maury Show... because we relish normalcy in our own lives, but love to see how messed up other people are. So in that light, enjoy this blog, kids. I'll see what I can do.

So now that you're all excited about this (woooot!,) I guess I'll just dive right in. As in, the next post will be like the 10th, and the 100th, and the 1000th. There is no more intro; this is it. Thanks in advance for reading what I've got to say, because most of the time, it ain't much.

Be blessed.


  1. wow first to post a comment! i feel so priviledged! so hello there and a big welcome to you! it has begun! i am very proud of you :)

    greatness is happening :) i should get on that door sign

  2. Thoughts on life!