Someday you will find me caught beneath a landslide.

Twenty years. It's an incredibly long amount of time.

In twenty years, lives are broken. And broken again.

Twenty years can take you to tenure.

Twenty years is longer than the careers of most professional athletes.

Twenty years is half of the prison sentence that the Israelites spent wandering around in the desert.

Twenty years is all it took for Kobe Bryant to make his first all-star game and all-NBA team.

Twenty years took us from peace and love to Vietnam.

Twenty years took us from Vietnam to Iraq.

Twenty years can afford discovery, experiments, conflicts, resolutions, new love, lost love, new friends, old friends, faith, and words.

Twenty years. It's an incredibly long amount of time.


  1. 20 years: enough time to lay the foundation to a beautiful piece of art.
    Happy Birthday.

  2. i wonder where you and i will be in 20

  3. Probably living together in a one-room, run-down studio. You will still be painting t-shirts by hand and giving them away for chump change, insisting that the message is more important than the money, and I will be writing dope poetry and selling it on the streets for 50 cents a piece.

    I can't wait.