Lists Installment 1: Ten feelings I wish I could bottle and save for later

I’ve decided to introduce a new category to my blog posts.  Recently, I’ve been listening to Sarah Kay’s TED talk a lot – it’s quite nice for doing laundry, walking to work, or playing Tetris.  In it, Sarah talks about getting her students to make lists as a way to inspire ideas for new poetry.  I’ve considered it, and have decided it’s probably fairly brilliant. Thanks, Sarah.  Anyway, I will be introducing “Lists Installment x: Title of List here” to this here blog in an attempt to inspire new ways of thinking. 

As always, thanks for reading.  Be well.


There are only a select few things in my life that invoke a strong enough feeling within me that I wish I could have access to said feeling at any time, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual (usually all three.) It was difficult to compile this list, not because I couldn’t decide on which ones, but because I had trouble even thinking of ten feelings that I cherish enough to jot down.  Here’s what I came up with.

Lists Installment 1: Ten feelings I wish I could bottle and save for later (in no particular order)
1. Waking up naturally after a completely uninterrupted sleep and knowing I’m going to accomplish something that day.
2. Full speed on the 800m bell lap straightaway.  Preferably a couple steps behind the lead.
3. Truly getting lost in a jam session.
4. First and last run at the ski hill.  First run because I feel invincible, and last run because I know I’ve earned McDonald’s. 
5. Biting into watermelon.
6. Coming off stage after a poem and knowing I’ve won, even though the scores haven’t been announced yet.
7. Reading something for the first time after I’ve written it.
8. Stepping off the plane at YVR.
9. Leading a fast break with the ball in my hands.
10. Feeling alone close to nature, because I never truly feel alone.