Life Updates: Entry 4

1. Today was the third last day of my undergrad classes.
2. I have stopped referring to things as "the last ___ of my UNIVERSITY days" and started referring to things as "the last ___ of my UNDERGRAD days" so as to cover my bases*.
3. *this means I am considering one day going to grad school**.
4. **and this is not an April Fool's joke***.
5. ***on that note, if you saw on Facebook that I'm engaged... I'm not. For those who congratulated me... haha.
6. I recently spent more money on Lego than I've spent on groceries so far this year*.
7. *I am cool.
8. The possibility of my poetry success translating into hip-hop has become far more visible to me these days. Shoutouts to Pruf for instilling such belief, or at least consideration, in me.
9. I am not trying to be the next D-Pryde, don't worry*.
10. *on that note, his shit is ON REPEAT of late. Too catchy**.
11. **on the topic of D-Pryde, who was the subject of a quick pointless banter today between Peter and I, makes me realize that I miss that fay jai a lot.
12. Rebekah should come to Carleton.
13. Ghana and its $5000 fundraising deadline looms. I am now accepting donations.

pz pz yall