Current Musical Gold: Installment 15 CHRISTMAS EDITION!

For those who consider Christmas music before December 15 an aberration, I'm with you. However, my Cuddly Kitten Pals calendar (no joke, mom bought it at night market) tells me that a) it is Dec. 22, and b) that means we are full-steam ahead with the Christmas tuneage. So without further adieu, here is a special edition of "Current Musical Gold", starring wonderful Christmas music that you may or may not know from spectacular artists whom you may or may not know.


Current Musical Gold: Installment 15 CHRISTMAS EDITION (in no particular order)
1. Christmas in Hollis - Run DMC
2. World Christmas - R. Kelly
3. Come Thou Fount - Sufjan Stevens
4. Ghetto Santa - Spyder-D
5. I Celebrate The Day - Relient K
6. The Wisdom of Snow - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
7. Christmas Only Comes Once A Year - MxPx
8. Joseph's Lullaby - MercyMe
9. So This Is Christmas - Eagles
10. Something About Christmas Time - Bryan Adams
11. Away In A Manger - Bright Eyes
12. The Bones Of Winter - Said the Whale

Merry Christmas fam.

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