Current Musical Gold: Installment 9

"I like music. It defines life, love, and everything in between. I also happen to have an abnormally ridiculous amount of music in my possession, most of which I listen to very very rarely because I have a tendency to overplay. As in, overkill. As in, when I'm feeling a song I will play that tuneage over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again until I am either sick of it, or it is inducted into my special itunes playlist simply titled LEGENDARY. Many songs have come and gone; only the chosen few have made it to LEGENDARY status. Every so often, because I like to share music that is good, I will post the tracks that I am feeling at the moment - the ones that are on trial to make it to LEGENDARY. Hopefully in this manner, you, my readers, will be able to expose yourself to a broader variety of good music. And who knows - maybe it'll even make your LEGENDARY."


Current Musical Gold: Installment 9 (in no particular order)
1. I Get Down - Shad
2. Lions (Acoustic) - Lights
3. Cold Success - Jay-Z and Coldplay
4. Inside Out - Mars iLL
5. In Danger and Silent - Drew McKay
6. Playing God - Paramore
7. Far East Riddim - Cocoa Tea
8. A Favour House Atlantic - Coheed And Cambria

That's all for now. Be excellent.

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  1. ahahahaha

    you're listening to Drew McKay??

    We use to be in a band together together.
    how'd you find him out?