Boxscore from June 28, 2010

72-68 for Kobe's Jock (W)

Name of the game: I can't shoot.

3-6 from the line
9 points
11 rebounds
9 assists
3 steals
1 block
2 turnovers

Newsflash: I realized today what Coach Fichter has been telling me since grade 10 - if I develop a dependable shot and had any semblance of a left hand, I'd pretty much be unguardable. But for now, I'm just a slightly above-average small forward who plays good man defense and sets hard screens.

PS. I miss the days when Petey and Eddie and I would go 1 on 1 on 1 until Petey started complaining or we had to leave for prayer meeting or ICON. That was, still is, why I play this game of basketball.