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So the gym's closed for the summer, putting an end to my being able to drown my journalistic sorrows with a couple hours of brick-laying from deep. HOWEVER, after youtubing countless vids of Hardaway, Davis, Crawford, and Harris Williams (imo, the best four handlers from this era*,) I've decided that the flavour of this summer's playground training will be handles. As in, improve them to the point that a right-hand finish isn't a given and I can notch ankles on my belt the way I currently notch Snickers bars. Eddie Fong and Petey Ko, beware. Those playground 1v1s will never be the same.

*Iverson doesn't count cause dude harsh carries. He's just so fast that refs don't catch it. Or they're scared off by his gang tats.


  1. get well soon.. keep ur chin up! its never end of the road!
    I may not know how it feels, but having been on the situation to witness a horrific sport accident just enlightened me on how these things affect life a lot..
    Take care =)