Life Updates: Entry 1

Eddie said I should update my blog more often with more relevant information. That is, apparently it would be interesting once in a while to talk about how my life is going out here, while the rest of you kids do your thang out there.

So Eddie, here you go. I'll try my best to let you - and all of you - know that I'm still alive, at least on occasion.

Things from today:
1. I fell asleep in class. I seriously think I might have a medical condition when it comes to sleep.
2. I woke up at 4am with a MASSIVE calf spasm. I'm talking like, mother of all calf spasms. I limped around campus all day.
3. I wrote a song half an hour ago. It is called, "Let's Waste Time Together", is in the key of D, and is my new favourite song.
4. I bought ice cream. It is the first time in three years of groceries that I have allowed myself to buy ice cream.
5. Shaw and I had a good talk - and are still having a good talk as I type this - about girls, faith, and life.
6. I am alive.
7. I need to stop slacking and get my life in order.
8. My right leg is itchy.

That is all.


  1. haha chee sin. you made me lol.

  2. Thanks for the update. Glad to know you are still alive. I can't believe you fell asleep in class, though. That's totally not like you! If I get a calf spasm I shake my leg and it goes away (all but once). It seems counter intuitive but as soon as you feel it come start shaking and banging your leg on the mattress. That is All.

  3. I did not fall asleep in ANY of my classes today. Thanks.

    And I'll have to test out if your pretzels are any good- wouldn't want to be associated with some gross concoction of yours.. but I do love South America.... :)

  4. although clearly your most 'unsubstantial update'as you would say, it has clearly drawn the most replies haha.

    later days.

  5. Eddie also says to just accept the fact that I am the OG. Just in disguise.

  6. i am commenting because i have read.