Rotten Tomatoes

I was cleaning up my old bedroom and came across an old wallet with a handful of used ticket stubs, all between grades 9-11. Here's what I watched in theatres as a 14, 15, and 16-year-old.

Harry Potter 4 (I think it was the only thing playing at the time.)
Open Water (not entertaining, though very well done on a limited budget.)
Elizabethtown (no comment.)
Into the Blue (straight up, I went for Jessica Alba.)
Raise Your Voice (no comment.)
Shark Tale (this movie is dooope. Like Coach Carter meets Finding Nemo. I was/am a fan.)
Spider Man 2 (lame pudding drizzled with weak sauce)
Collateral (this one was good. Real good. I think it was the first time I realized Jamie Foxx is an actor.)
Coach Carter (one of my all-time faves)
Star Wars: Episode 3 (had to complete the trilogy, come on now.)
Batman Begins (not nearly as dope as the sequel, but good start nonetheless.)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (OOMPA LOOMPA!)
Superman Returns (interesting, but it dragged on big time. You'd think Clark Kent would know how to wow an audience.)
King Arthur (yo, this was bad-ass. My brother has the DVD and I've definitely watched it many times in the past.)
Chronicles of Narnia (LWW, obvs. Though Prince Caspian was a good one too.)
Hostage (the movie that gave me nightmares for months.)
Four Brothers (Mark Wahlberg is Chuck Norris.)
The Man (hahahahahaha)
The Brothers Grimm (weird, dark, and oddly entertaining a la bad car crashes.)
Madagascar (extremely well done animated story.)
RV (Robin Williams is the same in every movie. But I love it.)
K-19 the Widowmaker (I LITERALLY did not understand this film for all of three years.)
Fantastic Four (again, straight up - I went for Jessica Alba.)
Hero (subtitled Chinese kung-fu epics ftw.)
Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (let this series be over...)
John Tucker Must Die (watch the basketball scene after John takes estrogen. Seriously, I get like 0.8 seconds of screen time.)

SO, two lessons to be learned from this: I had waaaay too much money off McD's paychecks that went to movies, and my tastes were about as eclectic as they can get.

But for real, be careful what you decide to feed your brain. People need to be watching the Fight Club's and Trainspotting's of the world, not epic failures like Macgruber.

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