Third Period Crunch

Third year is over. The boys are gone, British Literature II is over, 4th- year journalism is looming, relationships are waning and waxing and waning and waxing, friendships are breaking and building (though building on the wrong foundations,) and God is distant and there has never been more unrest in my head.

Hopefully I can empty it through music, poetry, and more writing. I haven't written for the sake of writing in so, so long. I feel like that servant who didn't make good use of his talents and got thrown into the fire of suffering and epic suckiness. I need to get my shit together and realize why I even live this thing called life.



  1. real talk, totally burnt out this semester. time for a much needed break and reflection time.

  2. i like this. not in the wow that sounds like a good way to live life, but rather in the i totally know what you mean.