Lest We Forget - Foreword to BFTP 5

This was written as an editorial; now it is a tribute. On this day, we pay homage to the hundreds of thousands who have lost their lives in the pursuit of freedom and happiness. Whether that freedom and happiness come at the expense of the freedom and happiness of others is a debate that will rage until the end of conflict itself. Perhaps Jean-Francois Lyotard was correct in saying that the advancement of humanity is synonymous with violence, and thus humanity is doomed to progress without true progress. Regardless, what is man without ideals? Beliefs for which to stand upon, opinions for which we go to war?

This day is not about what we believe or why we believe it. This day is about the idea of belief so strong that we are willing to lay down our lives. On this day, I discriminate against none - peacekeepers, marines, suicide bombers, medics, gang kids, mothers, brothers have all fallen in the pursuit of ideal.

This day is for remembrance. Lest we forget.

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