Stories of Emergence: "I Told You We Weren't Crazy!" - Some Thoughts

I know that we are called to believe what we believe wholeheartedly, but I will be very very honest when I say that I doubt. All the time. How can I be so sure that the things I profess to be true aren't just as false as the next guy's truths? Or that the things I profess to be false aren't as true as the next guy's falsehoods?

Confused? Me too.

Brad Cecil goes over some of that confusion in his neat little write-up, "I Told You We Weren't Crazy", a chapter from Stories of Emergence. It's not exactly the most captivating thing to read, but it does offer some food for thought.

  • truths for me are not necessarily truths for you is not true
  • it is very ordinary to be unsure
  • just because we are called to believe wholeheartedly does NOT mean we are to accept all things at face value - UNDERSTAND what you believe
  • in a postmodern world where all-encompassing belief systems are the trend, we need to approach even our own beliefs with at least some form of skepticism. Otherwise, we will strip ourselves - and what we believe - of all credibility.
Anyways, just something to chew on.

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  1. mmm hmmm.
    amen brother.
    and you changed your blog name.
    to a quote from switchfoot's best song.
    well done.
    (did you know that song was very influential in me moving here to bc?)
    the end, goodnight.