words of wisdom from an imaginary tiger

Talking with Laura* brings to the forefront of the mind so many things that have long been stored at the back. I become aware again of all that is wrong with the world - not because of Laura*, but because of what Laura* and I talk about. She has a list of names that she wants to call her kids, and she knows what order she wants them in, what sports she wants them to play, what musical instruments she wants them to master. She doesn't want kids though, because "having kids today is selfish. I'd be bringing them into a world in which they don't stand a chance."

I think it's fair to say that we as humanity have done an excellent job of screwing things up.


  1. Perhaps this is what our forefathers thought as well?

    (This is Jancy btw, I am not stalking you- I saw this on Rebekah's blog... haha)

  2. Thanks for making me sound like I stalk him.

  3. How abouuuuut nobody stalks anybody and we all be friends?

    I like this idea.

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  5. You say that as if we're not friends already. :(

    ... I did not realize it would actually say, "This post has been removed by the author."

  6. HAHAHA, what was the removed post, Rebekah? What did you REALLY want to see, hmm?

    And yes, I suppose we already are friends.

  7. It was 'cause there was a typo, fool.

    Alright. I was worried for a second there. :]